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S.E.O AND THE “FIRST PAGE” CONCEPT / All about webdesign and how to choose your webdesigner


All about webdesign and how to choose your webdesigner

All about webdesign

“How much does it cost to get to the first page of Google?”

First of all, SEO (search engine optimization) is an art and it doesn’t work for everyone.

There are countless ways you can do SEO and countless ways to rank your site last in Google by mistake, instead of ranking it top.

But I’m not going to talk here about the mistakes Google can penalize you for.

I have often been asked the question “How much does it cost to get in first place in google”.

Theoretically there is no answer for this! Let’s say that in Bucharest there are 200 florists, all have a website and they all want to reach the top 10 with the word “flowers”. Basically, thinking logically, it is impossible to put 200 sites in the top 10.

There is the possibility of Google adwords, but it keeps you in the top positions depending on how much money you are willing to invest.

But here we are not talking about advertising but about manual indexing, correct and if possible with little money.

I have heard of cases of companies boasting that they can maintain a first page business on Google even though they have more than 10 customers in the same niche. The ending is quite predictable.

When customers came to the web design firm’s headquarters to ask why they paid to reach the top positions and they were in 150th place, they found the lock on the door. So, from my point of view, you can’t say how much money for a site to get to the front page!

But how do you get a site from page 2000 on the first pages?

There are many ways to do SEO, but I’m not going to feature them in this article at all. But I will present a few that are the best from my point of view.

  • One of the most important secrets is to have quality and diversified content.
  • Do not build a site with a few pictures and then let it crash!
  • Create almost daily content! it matters a lot!
  • Do not focus on one word to repeat it endlessly but find N synonyms for it. Google penalizes the high share of text anchor on a single keyword.
  • Enter your site in many directories. It should be noted that the directory in which you want to register your site must be of quality! Old, who does not have pornography or is classified poorly.
  • Do not repeat the same descriptions for each entry.
  • Register your site in up to 10 directories per day.
  • Use almost different keywords for each entry.
  • Talk to other webmasters to get your articles and post them on their website.
  • Create articles to make people post them!
  • Backlink – You can exchange links to other profile sites (make sure the site is ranked well and does not contain content that could harm you).
  • The more sites that refer to you, the more chances you get in the top positions.
  • In recent years, social networks have grown, and even if it does not help you in building the site, it is important to use them.
  • Log on to all the networks and post your content to the site.
“How much does it cost to get to the first page of Google?”

We made it clear that theoretically there is no target to get you to the top positions. But with a lot of work and dedication you can make your site known while maintaining it in good positions!

All about webdesign


I will not try to define the phrase web design but talk about the importance of web designing in particular. What it means to build a good site and what it requires.

First of all you need imagination! It’s not enough to put in the content page.

Web designing is mostly about writing code and sometimes it is not enough to use a prefabricated theme that you just edit along the way. Customers (if you do this for someone), can present you countless ideas that you will not be able to achieve using classic single theme and an application that “can guarantee your site creation in minutes”.

Personally, I first try to understand what the client wants, what expectations he has from the future site, and whether it is a product or a site that sells, to find out what exactly defines the product for which I design. Following is the fun part (if the site / product is made from scratch): The logo of the site, company or product is very important. We know very well that a good picture sells. Therefore, the creation of a logo implies the greatest importance in the beginning. then choose a color palette that will work in the creation of the site. You cannot color a site with all the colors of the rainbow and at the same time take pictures on the home page (it will not attract the public, on the contrary, most run away from such sites).

Once we have established and made the color part and chosen the theme, we will make it work properly. When I say it properly, I mean a site that has to load super fast, the menu and the content should make the user feel good while browsing, and its positioning must be made so that it is very easy to use and access.

We are in 2019 so most users will access the mobile site, so it must be optimized for all platforms (PC, mobile, tablet).

Usually the design differs a lot between mobile and pc but the idea and parameters must remain the same.

Photos should be chosen and arranged in order and harmony (no one likes chaos). For example, if you have a presentation site with a theme in black and red, and first of all you have 6 pictures with black-red shirts, it would be a big mistake to add a photo with a green shirt. Either you think about arranging your photos or you create a different topic.

You need to backlink and seo on page, otherwise you have a website. But about this I will write another time …


Newer, living in the age of technology, everyone knows how to make a website, from co-worker to kid on the 5th floor.

Nowadays you find all kinds of applications that boast that they can do the job for you through a nice drag and drop system. But how many of these applications can achieve what you really want? Almost none!

You just have to search Google for “web design” and you will find hundreds of ads. Browse Olx or any other ad site and you will be amazed at how much they can boast that you can build a website for a small fee (I found ads where “the web designer was building a site for $10 from scratch!” ).

So it’s simple, if you want a website you can talk to the kid above and he can make it for 100 ron (irony).

Well, if everyone is an expert, how do I find a good web designer?

First of all, ask to see some of the projects he has done! Ask for recommendations and contact his old customers!

Firm or Freelancer ?!

“I don’t know what to choose, a company or a freelancer? what’s the difference?!”

Balance the benefits and the disadvantages!



A web design company may have many years of experience in the field, but in addition to the services offered you will have to pay and what you do not receive. Example: A company to offer you a website, they must first pay their employees. And why pay for the service woman or the office maintenance bill ?!

Another disadvantage would be the long wait. With many clients, a company can delay your project for a few months or even a year (I know of cases).


You will receive a quality product, and for this you will have an invoice. You can have assistance in the future and you can be sure that the staff is experienced.



Finding a very good web master freelancer in what he does is very difficult. As I wrote above, anyone can boast ;-).

You do not receive an invoice.


If, however, you have found someone competent who is in good control of your job, you have done the “business of life”. A freelancer will save you from huge expenses without having to pay all kinds of taxes imposed by companies.

The time to complete the project will be significantly reduced, probably being the client for the moment.

You can make a friendship with him so that whenever you need help, he will be happy to help you. You will not be conditioned by a fixed schedule and a waiting list as is the case with companies.

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