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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt versus Netflix’s adaptation

The Witcher 3 vs Netflix’s adaptation

High hopes kill the vibe

When I found out about the Netflix adaptation over one of my favorite RPGs, The Witcher I was filled with excitement to check out how they would manage to destroy yet another one of my favorite series!

When they launched the Death Note remake the internet was outraged!

I was quite mesmerized by the fact they didn’t actually ruin this one though. Yet I found the amount of information quite compressed in the series.

The Witcher 3 vs Netflix’s adaptation

The Witcher 3 vs Netflix's adaptation

Yet taking apart the huge plot condensed in a total of eight episodes. Considering the hours spent playing the game or even reading the books, especially. You would be surprised how well they managed to represent it.

The Witcher 3 vs Netflix's adaptation

“The Witcher 3 is as dense and deep as the other two games in the series in terms of RPG mechanics. And the overwhelmingly massive open-world environment has at once made that depth more intimidating, and in the long run, more rewarding. ” as the review of IGN is mentioning.

The Witcher 3 vs Netflix's adaptation

Everything was quite well made in the show, from the beasts to the costumes. They managed to add an aesthetic effect to the medieval vibes.

Ended in a cliffhanger

Following Netflix’s announcement I’m really glad they will be continuing the series. They should have indeed continued it. I mean it does leave you quite hanging!

The story in the show offers though a little beyond my personal knowledge. I have played only the Witcher 3 wildhunt. The show is presenting a little more of Geralt’s backstory with the other main characters.


His story with Yennefer, the way he cursed her so they would be bound by fate I found quite useless, because they were already in love. But Geralt’s a pretty tricky character.

On the other hand, I found quite better his backstory with Princess Cirilla.

I have been mesmerized by the fight scenes. The fluidity managed to pull you inside. Geralt seemed just as over powered as in the game.

You should definitely play the games first, though.

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