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Best PC games of all time

Best PC Games

best pc games

There are more wonderful games being released on PC each month than ever before.

In such a time of plenty, it’s important that you spend your time as wisely as possible. Thankfully, we’re here to help. What follows are our picks for the best PC games ever made.

Red Baron (1990)

Best PC Games


An approachable but challenging 1990 World War I combat flight sim, straddling the line between action and simulation, which was followed seven years later by a multiplayer-equipped sequel.

Until hardcore combat flight sims simulate pilot training programmes as assiduously as they simulate flying machines, there will always be room in my life for light flight fare like the brilliant Red Baron.

Using precious few polygons, colours and sounds Dynamix created WWI sky skirmishes that, twenty-seven years on, still challenge, persuade and exhilarate.

Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Final Fantasy VII (1997)


JRPGs have been at home on console for much of their history but they’re becoming increasingly common on PC, both in the form of ports and original releases.

Final Fantasy VII still stands at the top of the pile though.

The Last Express (1997)

The Last Express (1997)

Smoking Car Productions

A crime conspiracy and mystery story from the creator of Prince of Persia, all set during the course of a train journey in war-torn 1914, and which branches in all sorts of ways depending on your conversational choices.

Sid Meier’s Gettysburg! (1997)

Sid Meier’s Gettysburg! (1997)

Firaxis Games

From a time when Firaxis was far, far more varied than the Civilization and XCOM studio it is today, Gettysburg! is an out-and-out wargame, set during the American Civil War.

Half-Life (1998)

Half-Life (1998)


It’s still one of the games that best show how much variety developers can pack into the framework of a first-person shooter and it’s a game with more memorable setpieces than just about anything else out there.

The sequel might have pushed things forward with its fancy physics, but Half Life was a revelation of pacing and structure.

Halo (2001)

Halo (2001)


Bungie’s latest, Destiny 2, is mostly about teaming up with friends and perfecting the art of sci-fi shooting and looting.

But, while Halo had a strong deathmatch core, it’s the scale of the world and the singleplayer campaign that cement its place in our list of greats.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

Rockstar North

Grand Theft Auto is many things.

An open world crime simulator, a collection of stories tied up in references to movies and TV shows, a multiplayer sandbox, a modder’s playground.

Rockstar make incredible interactive cities and picking the best is tricky, but we’ve gone with the gang warfare of San Andreas.

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