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How I started Cosplaying

How I started cosplaying

In 2016 I started cosplaying for the first time. It was not something I worked a lot for,  but that suit was not made for Comic Con in the first place, it was actually made for a musical moment that I had to perform in highschool. It became something more for me along the way. I did my own version of Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, with no wig, and no hard worked props, but the comunity made me want more.

    Once I got there, even thought my costume was not even close to what I weant as, I got positive feedback from other cosplayers. People that in my own eyes I saw as cosplay gods, and I still do. Also, I was asked to take pictures with, even thought I did not expect that. And that thing, has a  specific thrill to it, that you can never forget. Somehow, that feeling made me want more. Made me want to work hard and create a suit that I could and I would actually be proud of. Made me want to work more on my props, study my character so, for a few hours, I could be someone else. Someone that I choose to be, and someone that I admire. 

    Since then, every year I try to do my best when it comes to cosplay. I now work hard to make my costumes and props, I study the character that I want to impersonate for months, just to get it right, and all thanks to the warm and kind  hearted people I met the first time I went to Comic Con. Thanks to them, I found the hobby that relaxes me the most. Crafting.

How I started Cosplaying