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How cosplay helps people grow

How cosplay helps people grow

How cosplay helps people grow

How cosplay helps people grow

During the time that I have made my thesis for university, I have studied cosplay as much as I could, that being my chosen subject. Since I was already found of this hobby, I decided to take it further. I found out a lot about the people that wear the costumes at conventions and festivals.

One of the things that I wanted to study, was how cosplay helps people in their day by day life. I already knew that it helped me get out of my shell. I, at core, am not the most talkative person, and I get really nervous around a crowd, but after I started cosplaying, I also started loosening up t people, becoming more relaxed and more confident.

How cosplayers say it helped them

After doing the interviews that I set as a target number for my study, I started comparing the answers, to find common parts between them. I did not find one person that didn’t find a reason to say that cosplay helped them grow. Some of them said that cosplay helped them get more self confidence. Others said that it made them socialize easier with other people, since this hobby puts you in the position of talking to a lot of people you have never seen in your life. Some passed the feeling of stage fright thanks to it. Some made new friends through a common passion.

For example, one of the interviewed cosplayers said “I don’t think I would have even half of the self confidence that I have now, if it wasn’t for cosplay. Before, I was feeling bad in front of a camera, always seeing all my defects, but now I feel completely relaxed. It helps with accepting and liking yourself. It makes you more confident. Cosplay makes you want to better your own personality. Depends on each person.”

Quote from an interview with a cosplayer.

One way, or another, this hobby helps people get together, communicate and, sometimes, work together. It creates a small community for the people who want to join it, which seems warm and friendly. It also helps by improving ones crafting skills, its creativity and ability to improvise. By impersonating a character, even if you make or buy the suit, you try to become it. You express your version of who you chose to be through your imagination and creativity.

All in all, this small study that I made shows that cosplay helps people grow on a personal level, having common things, but also parts that are specific to each and every cosplayer.