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History of Video Game Graphics

History of Video Game Graphics


Once upon a time


History of Video Game Graphics

‘Twas a time when with only a great story or gameplay or understanding of a concept one could do so much. Tetris, Snake, Pong were all great timely games. When games first appeared they were mostly easy to program pixels and text-based RPGs. The very first video game was just an army WWII radar simulator.

One of the first text-based RPGs is Adventureland and you control the protagonist through the use of written commands. These can consist of single word, such as those used for player character movement, including north, south, east, west, up, and down.

As graphics started to appear, the Might and Magic series also started to rise. Even though visual graphics exist in this game, you receive information about actions, items and settings via text.

Even the crude sprites, backgrounds and gameplay are a great addition to what was once considered a video game. These video games have managed to bring a new way to present fantasy. Fiction and fantasy have always been two of my favourite genres. Knights and dragons and devils, magic, weird technology made me forget about the monotony of life. You could have a medieval peasant fight a robot for God’s sake.

The series also has an official “spin-off” that is actually canon with the game’s lore. Heroes of Might and Magic steps up the game by turning the RPG game into a turn-based Strategy RPG. This new game combines the fantasy elements of the original but also adds a couple of new features. These include a castle that you can upgrade and train units in, an army at your disposal and a bunch of relics and missions.



Somewhere, over the asteroid belt


Then came Orcs in Space, or the concept which became Starcraft, a military science fiction real-time strategy video game. Originally built on the Warcraft II engine, Blizzard Entertainment decided to step up their game and made something new. Released in 1998 the game has great storytelling and settings, even though the sprites still aren’t that great to distinguish. That said, they have re-released the videogame and its expansion with an HD remake as Starcraft Remastered in August of 2017

Twelve years after the original release, Blizzard released the official sequel to the 1998 video game. Starcraft II was released worldwide in July 2010 having 3 main protagonists. The main game Wings of Liberty focused on the human Terrans. The first expansion Heart of the Swarm focused on the savage alien Zerg and the second and last one on the technologically advanced Protoss.


A sight to behold


Newer titles are trying their best to look perfect, even if they have so compromise some gameplay or story attributes. There are, of course, more and more games that are able to focus on all on them at one. And that time is now.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a brand new game released in November 2019 and while it looks great it has some flaws. The protagonist is pretty bland and the story lacks essence, even if the combat works very well.

The Outer Worlds is a game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, released one month before SWJ:FO. The screenshots I saw of this game look so amazing for an RPG that I can’t imagine what games will be like even 5 years from now.

No matter how good or weird or colourful games will look we still know that we will love them as we did until now.

Stay strong and don’t die in vain,


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