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Fast and Stupid Strategy games vs FPS

Fast and Stupid Strategy games vs FPS

I am speed

Fast and Stupid Strategy games vs FPS

It is well known in the gaming industry that action games increase many vital survival functions like hand-eye coordination and faster reflexes, but is that all we need? Shooters and fighting games help us focus on more than one thing at a time, they help our brain distinguish enemies from allies or foliage, but that becomes redundant and even obsolete for our brain when it does the same thing over and over again over the course of several matches.

If all you do is find enemies in the same room or setting again and again your brain starts to use your muscle memory to execute the scenarios you encounter in the same way, giving way for huge mistakes when something unexpected happens.

Fast and Stupid Strategy games vs FPS

I say this because I’ve noticed a huge fall in strategy games’ sales and this should be concerning. Even if  RTSs (Real Time Strategy games) aren’t as fast or action-packed or even entertaining for the audience of titles such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, they still play a huge role in the one’s brain development. While hand-eye coordination still exists, for these games you need to come up with new ways to attack or defend, to trick your opponent into thinking you’re going to do something that you have no intention to do. Flanking, spying on your enemy’s actions, critical thinking when something goes wrong, these are all characteristics of a good strategist. OK, Alexander the Great did not play Age of Empires in his teens, but through work and study he knew how to both fight hand-to-hand and also command an entire army intro battle.

And because we aren’t ancient nobles we can at least learn how to effectively eliminate our opponent in a video game that gives you the highest ranking an army official can receive as soon as we log on. But maybe you don’t want to be smart, maybe you want fast reflexes or great distinction abilities or great eyesight. Maybe you want to know both strategy and action skills, maybe you want none. Anything you might want, at the end of the day, it’s all up to you, as a gamer, as a human, as a person, what you want to learn, what you want to achieve, what you want to become. It is up to each of us, as gamers, to play what defines us, to learn what we want, to not allow others to shame us for the things we like and know.

Stay strong and don’t die in vain,