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Okay, so Christmas seems to be around the corner (again)

Christmas media propaganda

Christmas media propaganda

I don’t wanna be the Grinch for you, but I personally find it a huge scam! I never liked it, never will, and nothing will ever change my mind.

But right before you tag me as a hipster, or a goth that actually hates everything, I must validate my impartial opinion. I dont like it for what it is being sold to be, not for what it actually is!

Indeed, winter solstice, rightfully we must appreciate the symbolism hidden behind the holiday itself. If you are a religious person, you might also be celebrating Hannukah, or the birth of Jesus Christ. I am spiritual, personally, but I can’t call myself religious, mainly for the same reason!

I can’t buy what the mass media is trying to sell us as it is. The Santy Clausy typa thing just ain’t my cup of tea!

It happens though for me to love snow! That’s really the only thing I enjoy winter. Whereas my nickname, Yukine, meaning the sound of snow. Everything gets quiet and peaceful when its snowing!

Although I cant swallow religious propaganda! Might be just me, I take the blame!

Sharing gifts during this time is an elder Yule tradition… just like decorating the three, baking cookies, singing songs.

Its not a bad thing. I just feel it lost its initial essence!

When I was younger.. somehow everything was different. And I don’t really think my perspective upon the outside world changed that much. I might have, indeed, grown up. But my perspective didn’t necessarily change! I expanded the view of my surroundings. Exploring a multitude of possibilities resulted in me ending back in the same place, but with a more vertical point of view.

Not to brag about it, but for everybody I ever known the process of growing up was really confusing and overwhelming.

And, just like my favorite Pokemon, Mewtwo once said “I see that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant. It is what you choose to do with the gift of life, that determines who you truly are.” for me this time of year always meant a moment of introspection.

During winter the thoughtfulness always managed to strike a little better, as I find winter the cleanest and purest season of all.

I found myself to be a loner back in middle school, so I end up thinking a lot.

It’s not that I hate people! In fact, I love people! I just find myself developing my ideas better in solo projects. Just like when I’m gaming, I play to win. Although team games also helped me sync with other player’s ideals and goals, fighting for a common goal.

Back to the Christmas thingie, though! I must admit I don’t hate it. I’m in love wit the Christmas lights, the gingerbread, ice skating and self induced alcohol poisoning! I’m just kidding, drinking is a seriously bad habit you shouldn’t even consider on picking up.

By the way. The traditional dishes here in Romania (not all of them though, some are utterly gross) are delightful! Some traditions might seem a little grotesque but who am I to judge after all!

Like everything else, Christmas has its ups and downs. I do prefer to celebrate the rebirth of human nature and the trespassing into the New Year’s Eve. I got a more philosophical point of view upon it. As into updating your old self and maturing into a high intensity form of being, a constant evolution of your moral values. Learning self love and understanding my self and accepting other beings as equal individuals!

We all experience the same reality at the same time. All you need to understand is your own unique way of perception!

Don’t listen to me cause I am the bluntest friend you got, just enjoy the lovely times with your loved ones!

Cheers love!